Friday, January 22, 2010

Jan 16th to 20th

Jan 16th: I spent the whole day pretty much in the I thought it appropriate to take a pic of what I was lookin at! Also helped me keep track of mileage that day :)

17th: Howie caught another fish and Samantha was quite interested in it!

18th: Totally engrossed after just waking up! I wish I could sit like that again!

19th: Mid yawn for Snickers....she sings like this too! lol

20th: Total fluke that I caught this moment between a girl and her cat! She fell down after Jazz sniffed her in shock! It was cute!

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Jan 11th to 15th

Jan 11th: Howie caught a fish...and you know the rules, once you let DJ help once, you're pretty much screwed for the rest of your life!! He let DJ "help" once, and now he has to "help" every single time Daddy catches a fish! Wait til HE learns how to do it for real!!! LOL Sam wanted in on the action too, and at this very moment, Howie looks exasperated!

12th: DJ teaching Samantha her ABC's on the computer...she can now pick out the letter A! Thanks DJ!

13th: Full on belly laugh!!!! If you look close enough you can see her tonsils!!

14th: Makin a mess in DJ's room...they LOVE to read!!!

15th: It wasn't til bed time that I realized I hadn't snapped a I grabbed the camera!

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January 6th thru 10th

Ok, so I've decided to only do 5 pictures in each that's all Blogger will let me upload at one time...and quite frankly, moving them all around when there's more than 5 is just frustrating to 5 it is!

Jan 6th: He was on the neighbours back deck watching the trees sway in a HUGE wind storm we were having...I took this thru the living room window!

7th: I think has to be one of my absolute favourite pictures of her close up like that....her deer in the headlights look....SO adorable!

8th: we were at the Mommy & Me playgroup monthly pot luck...she was digging the bubble machine when another little boy came up behind her and hugged her...awww!
9th: This is how teenagers do flake out mode!!!!

10th: this is how 3 year olds do it....hand down the pants even!!!!

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Here we go!

I thought I'd link up my photos for the project Miss Sarah got me involved in on most of my readers aren't on FB....

I'll start from the beginning....

Jan 1st:I can say this now, but at the time I took the picture it hadn't happened.... Pants on the Ground! Lookin like a fool with your pants on the ground! hahaha She was trying to put her pj's back on after getting dressed!

2nd: She feels the need to make sure Snickers gets fed...and sometimes she'll even hand feed!
3rd:This was literally moments before they started fighting and he fell off the couch! 4th: who knew laundry baskets could be so much fun! 5th: At the pj story time...she loves books!

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