Friday, January 22, 2010

January 6th thru 10th

Ok, so I've decided to only do 5 pictures in each that's all Blogger will let me upload at one time...and quite frankly, moving them all around when there's more than 5 is just frustrating to 5 it is!

Jan 6th: He was on the neighbours back deck watching the trees sway in a HUGE wind storm we were having...I took this thru the living room window!

7th: I think has to be one of my absolute favourite pictures of her close up like that....her deer in the headlights look....SO adorable!

8th: we were at the Mommy & Me playgroup monthly pot luck...she was digging the bubble machine when another little boy came up behind her and hugged her...awww!
9th: This is how teenagers do flake out mode!!!!

10th: this is how 3 year olds do it....hand down the pants even!!!!

Til the next picture!

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